1. What are the products handled Nutrimental Experience?

Experience Nutrimental currently offers a wide range of products: Dairy (milk powder)

  • whole milk

  • skim milk

  • Semidescremada

  • Formula milk

  • butterfat

  • Sweet whey

  • Demineralized whey

  • Lactose

Sea Salt

  • Sea salt for human and with low levels of sodium consumption. Extracted from black Guerrero.


  • Major standard sugar mills in México

2. What do I require for a quote for any of their products?

  • Minimum quantity of the product.

  • Place or delivery point.

  • Nutritional Product Table.

  • Minimum quantity of the product.

  • Use apply to your use of our product.

  • Email or phone contacts to track the price.

3. Can I create a special formula?

Of course, we can help you create an appropriate formula for your specific market.

4. Are you ship internationally?

Yes, we can deliver your product in Marina and advise on the Import process. (Subject to the regulations of each country)

5. Can you maquilar a product of my company?

Yes we can maquilar your product, as an option we can create your company logo, register your trademark and design of the coil (pad type)

6. How is the estimated delivery time?

Subject to purchasing volume.

7. Are there any mail for contribution directly?

If our mail for contribution is: info@experiencianutrimental.com, or through telephone number: (01 ) 81 83-44-69-09

8. Are your products certified?

Yes, each of our products have certificates every year are updated.

9. In which parts of the republic have sales representatives?

We have representatives in Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico.